UCLA DH Seminars


Megan Prelinger, Jasmine Nyende and Michelle Caswell

The UCLA Digital Humanities Seminar engages with critical themes inside and outside the field with a critical-societal-technological-material committment through:

  • facilitating a space for long-format, in-depth conversations,
  • bringng together some of the best scholars, artists and experts,
  • reaching out beyond academia,
  • engaging topics that often cut across and require different perspectives, takes and actions,
  • attempting to be inviting, generous, sharp, conversational, and challenging,
  • being experimental and self-aware
  • being embedded in Los Angeles and Southern California, while being internationally relevant and exciting.

The seminars are normally live streamed and archived.

Upcoming Events

Representing the Past in Three-dimensions: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities
Feb 21, 4 pm-6pm (we should be finished by 5:30)
Costas Papadopoulos and Susan Schreibman, Maynooth University
The IDRE/Visualization Portal, Math and Sciences Building, UCLA [directions]

Past Events

Do Borges’ Librarians Have Bodies?
Jan 29th, 1-3 pm
Zac Zimmer, UC Santa Cruz

All Your Data Are Belong To Us: Quantifying the Human Condition
Nov 2nd, 1-3pm
Shannon Mattern, The New School  [website]
The IDRE/Visualization Portal, Math and Sciences Building, UCLA [directions]

Making a Real Difference
May 26th, 10 am-12 pm
The IDRE/Visualization Portal, Math and Sciences Building, UCLA

How Tools Think
May 3rd, 12-2 pm
Main Conference Room, Young Research Library, UCLA

Challenging Models of Digitization and Access
March 20th, 2017, 10am-12pm (PDT),

Making, Curating, and Engaging Data
March 3, 2017, 4-5pm (PST)

Encoding Diversity
December 9, 2016, 10 am-12 (PST)

The seminar series is supported by the Division of Humanities and the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA.
Contact person: Patrik Svensson, Visiting Professor of Digital Humanities, UCLA and Professor of Humanities and Information Technology, Umeå University.