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General Digital Humanities Resources

Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I’ll direct you to UCLA’s digital humanities LibGuide, compiled by Zoe Borovsky and Marta Brunner. It’s excellent. Several links I’d like to highlight:

  • Bamboo DiRT, for finding the right digital tool for your project. It has a weird name, but it’s an invaluable site: a well-organized, intelligently selected list of tools.
  • DHCommons, a big registry of DH projects, for getting a sense of what else is out there.
  • Digital Humanities Now: This publication relies on a revolving cast of editors to comb through Twitter and blogs for the latest, best blog posts, CFPs, opportunities, and jobs related to the digital humanities.
  • DevDH: A great collection of wisdom about how to build a DH project, from conception through promotion.
  • Digital Humanities Questions & Answers: Got a tricky DH question? Access the hive mind by asking it here.
  • What is Digital Humanities? New definition on every refresh!
  • LearnIT: From this link, UCLA people can get access to two terrific resources: The Lynda library of instructional videos (which cover everything from HTML to C++) and a large collection of ebooks on programming.
  • It’s important that you get credit for your work on a digital project, and it’s sometimes hard for grad students to know what they should ask for. The Collaborators’ Bill of Rights outlines some best practices for crediting and collaboration.


  • Miriam’s handouts: Basic HTML, Basic CSS, and Useful CSS
  • Mozilla Thimble: Write HTML and CSS and see what you get, right in your browser.
  • CSS and HTML cheatsheets
  • I can’t link directly to them, infuriatingly, but for more in-depth HTML/CSS training, I recommend Lynda’s Up and Running with HTML and the Safari ebook Head-First HTML and CSS, both of which are available for free to UCLA people through


Willeke Wendrich’s Presentation

John Lynch’s Presentation

Jon Christensen’s Presentation